I believe Jayme to be one of the great design talents of our city...
— Duchess Fare
Believing that it is both the personality of the client and the soul of the home itself that influence the direction of a project, Jayme Armour seeks to create well-balanced, thoughtful spaces reflective of the lives of the people who inhabit them.

Drawing upon her Northern Florida upbringing, Jayme re-imagines the colors of the water, sands, sunsets and the textures of the Gulf Coast’s unique flora and fauna. Those natural and organic elements are the threads that bind her well-curated and effortless style. The results range from airy, playful and jewel-hued to rich, mysterious, color-saturated spaces.

With a relaxed vibe and focus on livable rooms, Jayme marries the needs of modern life with interiors that are at once casual and polished.  The resulting aesthetic is cultivated, inviting and above all, personal.